Please contribute (this isn’t about money)

As of today, the eXtremeplants website has gone “live”, i.e. all the things we did to make us hard to find while we were starting up have been removed.

But in putting everything “out there”, we are by no means saying the site is finished. Indeed, that is unlikely to be the case for months, maybe years.

What we have so far is introductory pages to only 4 “models and systems” – the various relatives of Arabidopsis thaliana, halophytes, mangroves and resurrection plants. Within each of these we have completed only one or two species in any detail. That’s not much, really. There isn’t much here about cryophytes. There’s nothing about xerophytes, or hyperaccumulators, or thermophiles, or epiphytes, or who knows what. We haven’t even started assembling pages about mosses or ferns. There’s nothing about symbiosis or soil microbiology or any number of other trending topics.

But now that you can see what we have done, you may have a better idea of what we should or could do.

That is where you come in. Please accept this as a formal solicitation and a heartfelt plea for help. We need:

  • words – things to incorporate into pages on models/systems and species… papers and websites that can be used as sources for the backstories.
  • specifics – on genome resources that might not just pop up with an NCBI search, but which would give readers a good introduction to the most valuable or extensive resources available.
  • your photos – of the various plants, preferably in natural settings with backgrounds that put the plants in their ecological context (not a Petri dish or pot). Plant IDs and captions would be lovely.

So please – us. Offer stuff. Send us stuff. Your efforts will be gratefully acknowledged. And who knows, you can probably put it on your resumé as “outreach” or community service.


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