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The creators, authors, contributors and maintainers of look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to us by email, but please be patient for a reply; some of us have real jobs, too. Our preferred language is English, but we may sometimes reply to Hebrew, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish or Swahili… but probably in English or Hebrew.

Meanwhile – we would like to encourage you to view and join the x-list. Hopefully, this mailing list will evolve into a lively method of communicating within the community. We are confident we can keep it substantially free of spam. You can subscribe by sending an email to the list. You can unsubscribe in a similar fashion. Messages sent to the list ( will be sent to all members of the community. Please use this responsibly.

Some problems with these subscription links have been noted with some Windows operating systems and their configurations. If the links don’t work, send a blank message to either or You will get a confirmation message to which you will need to reply.

Note also: the list does not require any additional identifying information … not your bank account, your national identity number, your credit card number… nothing. If you get a message asking for it, it is NOT from the org.