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If you are hosting or know of an event of interest to the eXtremophyte research community, please let us know. Looking for post-docs or students? Have travel funds to give away? Let us know that, too, and we’ll pass it along.

PhD and MS Opportunities at the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School UPDATED, Feb 17, 2019

University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmopsheric Science is excited to announce that we can offer up to 20% in tuition waivers depending on your GPA and GRE scores! Virtual tour can be found here. Applications are due July 1st!

The Master of Professional Science (take the same courses as Ph.D. and MS students, but instead of a thesis/dissertation, you do an internship/research in the field with organizations such as NOAA, NPS, NGOs, etc. and 94% of students have a job in the field 6 months after graduation):

Degree Programs
o Applied Remote Sensing
o Aquaculture
o Broadcast Meteorology
o Coastal Zone Management
o Exploration Science
o Fisheries Management and Conservation
o JD/MPS Program
o Marine Conservation
o Marine Mammal Science
o Natural Hazard and Catastrophe Analytics
o Tropical Marine Ecosystem Management
o Underwater Archaeology
o Climate and Society
o Weather Forecasting

Applications can be found here:


Any questions, please ask! I’m more than willing to facetime, Skype, or just chat on the phone to help you out. We are currently recruiting in Sweden, but will be traveling throughout Florida and the Carolinas in late February and March. Excited to chat with you all about the programs!!!

Josh Coco, Ed. D.
Executive Director, Advancement and Communication
Tel: (305) 421.4002
Fax: (305) 421.4711
Direct: jcoco@rsmas.miami.edu

University of Miami
RSMAS Campus – 105C
4600 Rickenbacker Causeway
Miami, FL 33149-1031