Mangrove species

Table 1. Mangrove species, largely taken from Kandasamy and Bingham [1]
Species in red are those for which there are known genomic, transcriptomic or smRNA resources

Pteridaceae (Polypoidiales)
Acrostichum aureum

Arecaceae (Arecales)
Nypa fruticans

Avicenniaceae (Lamiales)
Avicennia alba
Avicennia balanophora
Avicennia bicolor
Avicennia eucalyptifolia
Avicennia germinans
Avicennia lanata
Avicennia marina
Avicennia officinalis
Avicennia schaueriana
Avicennia africana

Bignoniaceae (Lamiales)
Dolichandrone spathacea

Bombacaceae (Malvales)
Camptostemon philippinensis
Camptostemon schultzii

Caesalpiniaceae (Fabales)
Cynometra iripa
Cynometra ramiflora

Combretaceae (Myrtales)
Conocarpus erectus
Laguncularia racemosa
Lumnitzera littorea
Lumnitzera racemosa
Lumnitzera X rosea

Euphorbiaceae (Malpighiales)
Excoecaria agallocha
Excoecaria indica
Excoecaria dallachyana

Lythraceae (Myrtales)
Pemphis acidula
Pemphis madagascariensis

Meliaceae (Sapindales)
Aglaia cucullata
Xylocarpus granatum
Xylocarpus mekongensis
Xylocarpus moluccensis

Myrsinaceae (Ericales)
Aegiceras corniculatum
Aegiceras floridum

Myrtaceae (Myrtales)
Osbornia octodonta

Tetrameristaceae (Pellicieraceae) (Ericales)
Pelliciera rhizophoreae

Plumbaginaceae (Caryophyllales)
Aegialitis annulata
Aegialitis rotundifolia

Rhizophoraceae (Malpighiales)
Bruguiera cylindrica
Bruguiera exaristata
Bruguiera gymnorrhiza
Bruguiera hainesii
Bruguiera parviflora
Bruguiera sexangula
Ceriops decandra
Ceriops tagal
Kandelia candel
Rhizophora apiculata
Rhizophora mangle
Rhizophora mucronata
Rhizophora racemosa
Rhizophora samoensis
Rhizophora stylosa
Rhizophora x lamarckii
Rhizophora x annamalayana
Rhizophora x selala
Rhizophora x harrisonii

Rubiaceae (Gentianales)
Scyphiphora hydrophyllacea

Sonneratiaceae (Myrtales)
Sonneratia alba
Sonneratia apetala
Sonneratia caseolaris
Sonneratia griffithii
Sonneratia lanceolata
Sonneratia ovata
Sonneratia x gulngai

Malvaceae (Sterculiaceae) – (Malvales)
Heritiera angustata
Heritiera fomes
Heritiera globosa
Heritiera littoralis
Heritiera parvifolia

Kathiresan K, Bingham BL. Biology of mangroves and mangrove Ecosystems [Internet]. Advances in Marine Biology2001;81–251. Available from: [Source]